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Long Distance Dog Walking Adventures


This is not your average dog walk! Treat your family member to a day of exercise,

socialisation, stimulation and adventure.


  • Off out for the day and don't want to leave your beloved at home?


  • Have a dinner party coming up and want a tired pooch who will happily 

       sleep the evening away while you enjoy the company of your friends?


  • Big meeting in the city and want your canine companion to have some

       company for the day?


  • Have you had a recent injury which means you are unable to take your four-legged friend out on a good long walk? Or has your mobility declined since bringing your dog into your life? Even just a once a week treat will benefit your buddy no end.


I offer places for up to seven dogs a day to join me on long walks around Cheltenham. This is generally a Monday to Friday service although when I conduct walks at the weekend you will be made aware.  All the walks start from my home.


From the front door all dogs are kept on leads. The leaded walks last around twenty minutes until we have reached an enclosed area just out of the way when the leads are removed and the real fun begins. The walks last around four hours.


All breeds are welcome to join me. All dogs are individuals and will be treated as such. Playful, boisterous and cheeky behaviour is fine but please make me aware if your dog has aggression issues.

Whilst walking next to roads the dogs are kept firmly on the lead. When away from the road and in a safe environment, they have the freedom to roam around with the pack. The walks promote as much off the lead time as possible.

The routes on which we walk have natural water stops and we travel from one water stop to another. Although I will happily take any dog with me, this is a fairly long period of time to be on the move and so this walk may be not be appropriate for all dogs.
Older dogs may find the walk too much. I do not recommend that dogs under the age of 18 months old come with me as their bones have not yet fully developed and it will not be good for them. I will also not take bitches out when they are on heat as it is too disruptive. The dogs will be focused on this and not the new environment I am taking them to.
Entering a new area opens up a world of new smells so stimulates the brain aswell as exercising the body. A good level of recall is preferable but is not essential as this is something I can work on. So long as a dog enjoys the pack they will always stay together. If a dog has a tendency to run off, I use a long lead to limit how far they may go- striving ultimately not to require the lead (this will take more than one walk).

Dog rewards and treats will only be used if you agree in advance to ensure that they meet any dietary requirements. I use small amounts of cheese, real meat and marrow bones.

Poo bags will be provided.

It is my aim not to turn away any dog, but I must think of what is best for the pack and there may be a situation where I am unable to accommodate the needs of your dog and am unable to provide a service. Please note that this is a last resort and I will always try to accommodate every dog if possible.

I am not just a fair weather walker - wind, rain, snow and sun the pack will love

it all. Either as a one off, or if your dog is a long term member of the pack they

will return to you having had a wonderful adventure.

Through exercise most problems and behavioural issues can be solved. Whether

your dog is a working dog or not this walk is great for stamina and general


I am neither a dog trainer nor a groomer. Your dog will on occasion come home

wet and muddy! I will of course towel off as much as possible but please don't

expect them to be immaculate.


For your peace of mind, I am fully insured.


Dog socialisation


One of the most important (and often most feared!) aspects of owning a dog is socialisation. This is always best done from as early an age as possible, but it is something that can still be achieved at any time after.


For those dog owners who have felt comfortable socialising their dog from the start, this will seem an obvious and natural thing to do. But, one of the biggest obstacles to overcome when we first have a new dog can be the worry of our dog being hurt by another dog, who perhaps is not so well behaved.


With pack dog walks, good socialisaion skills are something which can be very quickly achieved. To be around other dogs who have good socialisation skills is the quickest way to learn! They will be quickly accepted and naturally find their place in no time at all.


One of my main tools for achieving good socialisation is by working closely with my own dog, Chester. Chester has been socialised from a young age and has learnt that he needs to welcome different dogs in different ways. He helps to guide the rest of the pack when out on pack dog walks and is an invaluable tool for learning for the other dogs.


Pick up and drop off service


I will usually pick up your dog between 07:30-08:30 (If you need to drop your dog off earlier this is also possible within reason). The walk will last around four hours. After the walk there are two options, depending on what suits your circumstances:


  • I will return your dog home to you straight after the walk.

  • If you will not be at home due to work or other reasons, I can keep your dog until a suitable time for you to collect later in the day. I would ask that 18:00 is the latest collection time, but under some circumstances I may be able to accomodate a later pick up. I charge a small fee for this option (full price list shown below).


I will always be as flexible as I can to accomodate what best suits you.


Free initial greeting and dog evaluation


Following all new enquiries, the next easy step is to arrange our first meeting and a consultation.


I will come to your home at a convenient time, to meet you and your dog. This initial meeting can occur on an evening or weekend if that is best for you. We will complete a basic questionaire together (nothing complicated - name, age, dietary requirements etc) and once you are comfortable I will take your dog out for up to one hour to assess and evaluate and for us to get to know each other. You are more than welcome to come along for this first walk if you would like to.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions before we arrange the first meeting.


Tariff & Payment


Pack Dog Walk - £20

Morning pick up, pack dog walk and drop off after walk.


Pack Dog Walk with afternoon stay- £30

Morning pick up, pack dog walk and afternoon stay with collection by you.


I ask for payment either in advance by secure online payment (using Paypal) or by cash on collection before the walk commences.




  • Book three £20 Pack Dog Walks in the same week and get the third walk half price. (This is the maximum number of Pack Dog Walks we would recommend booking for one Monday-Friday week as we recommend rest time and short relaxed walks in between).

  • £5 off a Pack Dog Walk for the second dog from the same household. (When booked on to the same Pack Dog Walk).

Not your average dog walk, treat your dog to a day of exercise,  socialisation, stimulation and adventure.
Day care for dogs: waiting for the dog pack walk to start.